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Ash, to me: Your hair looks like noodles (= curly). I dont like it. I like the hair of the ladies on TV (= ads).


The kids, who had got into the habit of saying their prayers zealously at Changanachery, have been corrupted in my godless company. By the time they hit bed, they are too tired, sleepy and lazy to say their prayers. Mira, who is a little scared of bad dreams, however makes it a point to recite the Lord's Prayer and entreat Jesus to cut out the nightmares; she also has a long list of  people - relatives and friends - whom she entrusts in god's care every night.
Ash has found an easier way out. He either tells me that he doesnt see any bad visions at night or that he has kept the Bible under his pillow to ward them off. Best of all, he now keeps the Bible open - he thinks that is more powerful in keeping the skeletons and devils and demons away from his sleeptime cinema.


From Mysore
For all who have been wondering, Ashwin is looking a lot better this academic year. His skin is visibly smoother, softer and not-so-itchy. He sleeps peacefully at night, which is such a relief for us used to sitting up with him in the nights. He takes his homeo pills, oil massage before bath and liquid paraffin after bath, Macalvit/Calcium syrup and Vitamin D granules (once a week) in high-fat cow's milk - that's all. His skin doesnt seem to need constant attention and moisturising - touch wood.
We fervently hope that he will outgrow his eczema soon....


Noticing her dad's greying beard, Mira said: Appa, you are becoming an Appachan (granpa) while Amma remains Amma!