The young at heart

My granny turned 90 this March. She is still active in the kitchen and outside. She lives in our family house with my uncle and wife and does a good part of the household chores when my aunt goes to work in a neighbouring school.

Both her parents had lived to the ripe old age of 90 and beyond but they were bed-ridden. Granny probably looks younger than her age because she keeps herself busy.


The kids' favorite nanny came and stayed with us at Chandanapally for a week. It was a great relief for me to have a helping hand. The kids for their part had a great time with her. There is Ash, sitting on her shoulders.


Anonymous said…
hi, belated wishes to ammachi..God bless her.. still remember her..from when i came to visit her..still has the same wonderful smile..
as u said the catch is working inside and outside in the garden.
take care
God bless
Anonymous said…
hi, thats sweet of her.. how is her hubby.. is he better.
our prayers too with them
K 3 said…
Belated wishes! A true champ, and totally young at heart. Good wishes to your granny!
Roshin said…
UST: Her hubby is doing fine. SHe wouldnt mind coming again to look after the kids (she needs the money) but we dissuaded her since it is not fair to leave a cancer patient to manage on his own.

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