The pulse finder

Today I look at the neem tree with its little white flowers in front of my flat and something strikes me. Could that be the culprit that has aggravated Ash's skin condition in the past 1.5 months? I also find an appooppan thadi (milkweed seed) minus the seed in the balcony.

Today my inlaws and V took Ash to the Siddha doctor, who gave him an arishtam from Kerala apart from her herbal powders! Since V's parents wanted her to check their pulse (the dr checks the pulse and tells what health problems you have), they had to go without taking even a sip of water. I mean once you go to bed, you cant take anything, not even water. Last time, when she checked mine (I guess this is what is called naadi chikilsa) she said that I was taking too much medicines for my BP and cough and stuff that she wasnt getting my pulse right.

Ash is pretty happy to consume the arishtam and savours it as if it were red wine!


ush said…
Hi, curious, what was the verdict for in laws/pulse!
now i find everything a joke.. no one does any real doctoring...they really only guess.. and very few people find a cure.. to their problems..
house warming- 1 big one now.. had just milk warming to shift..
yes, pollen allergy is bad.. mine started too..non stop sneezing ,eye itching..discharge from eye..etc
guests r still coming hearing about the food and the home..still left overs.
take care
Anonymous said…
She told mil that her prob was nerve related. Mil was impressed coz that seems to be her prob right now. I didnt ask for the details. Dont remember the verdict on fil.
With V she had said everything was normal and he did blood test 2 days later to find his chol., sugar and BP and stuff all within normal range. SHe told him that he was too hot-tempered - which is v. true :)
Romila said…
I thought Neem is used in therapy treatments esp. for the skin:(

I hope Ash gets better once back to Kerala with ur MILs.
Ladybird said…
The latest decision is not to send him with them in this condition as they wouldnt be able to handle him in the train at night. He might also start crying asking for us. He does that even now when his darling father doesnt return home by 10 pm.

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