Mr. Mom

In the absence of a full-time maid, V has been helping with getting the kids ready and sometimes with some innovative cooking (that's a burger designed by V).

Well, actually he has always done more baby-rearing than me - brushing, bathing, feeding and other assorted needs of theirs. Here is V brushing the teeth of a still-sleeping Ash (who is probably watching the last bit of his early morning dream). Getting Ash out of bed is a feat for us - he is a little Kumbakarna when it comes to sleeping. While Mira is already up and having idli with coconut chutney.


Grousewife said…
It is always a pleasure watching your pics and reading the commentary.
Romila said…
That's such a cute pic of the dad brushing his kid's teeth. Wonder when my husband will start doing such things. He just loves to play when she's in good mood and be with her when she's clean:(

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