Maid update

Sorry folks! I have not been finding time to blog posts what with having to upload pictures of our recent excursions - and I am not done yet. My mornings are now full with cooking 2-minute Top Ramen Noodles or Thayaar (a batter brand that is as good as home made) dosas or at worst puttu, the easiest of Kerala breakfast dishes in addition to the lunch dishes.

I am trying to rope in the new nanny to do more cooking and I hope she lasts at least a month till my old loyal maid Leelama comes. Right now, she says she has to keep company for her husband who is undergoing oncological treatment at a medical college in Kerala. I havent had time to mention this past week that my partime maid brought this lifeboat of a nanny, her relative, to take care of the kids 12-7ish. I had almost decided on sending the kids full time to the creche Mira goes to and get the partimer to babysit them for the late evening hours until either of us reached home.
Well, the new recruit, who goes by the name of Manohari - though her inlaws call her Mageshwari, which V says is probably because they didnt find her a manohari (beauty) - seems ok. At least she is well-dressed and neat unlike the topwork maids, who look like they havent had a bath for a week, kindly speaking. Only, Mira doesnt go to her and clings to me or V for dear life. But Ash has become very pally with her.
Anyway we are enjoying the privacy and peace that the non-existence of a stranger in the house (read live-in maid) is giving us now.
It also gives our guests some breathing space and a room to themselves. Talking of guests, Robin and Tulika left on Saturday after a hectic schedule of visits and shopping. Sadly I did not find enough time to sit down and chat.


ush said…
hi,sounds good hang on to her for good.. atleast till u don't need maids any more.
happy new yr.
take care ust
Aw....happy cooking~!
sorry to hear about the maid-woes.
life is tough, eh??
Romila said…
I can absolutely resonate with you. Mine too has started her initial rounds of wanting to go back. I'm just about blackmailing and coaxing her to stay a bit more.

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