A leave of absence

Crisis at home today.
The nanny has cried off citing fever. Luckily she called when my partimer Kala was around doing her chores. We have requested her to finish her chores at the various houses she goes to and come by 2 p.m. V will pick up Mira after 12 (and the watchman Ash) and will stay at home till the maid comes.
I hope the other lady decides to come tomorrow. It is always the woman of the house who end up taking leave when there is a crisis and I told Vin that I cant be taking any more leave.
We will have to think of having a live-in maid again if such unforeseen crises have to be avoided. We have been doing a lot of balancing acts to let the present system work but I dont know how long we can pull on.
It is not doing my hypertension any good either. There is no time for walks, and I am getting more schizophrenic. And the doctor has increased my Amlong dose to 5 mg now.


Anonymous said…
Hi,good luck with the crisis.hope all the problems gets solved.
take care,ust

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