I dont know if I should be calling anything on the domestic front a crisis considering that we have been bumping from one crisis to another - especially on the babysitting front.
Well, the new nanny has decided to quit - her illness has made her realise that she cant handle the drudgery/trauma of babysitting. So until we find a replacement, our partime maid will help us out, just as she was doing the past 3 days when Beautiful Face was down with fever. For someone who never did any daunting chores (such as washing dishes or washing clothes) at her own home, Manohari had made an effort to wash a few dishes, keep the kitchen platform tidy, bathe the kids and cook us dinner in the past 15 days (with New Year, the Pongal festival and Sundays being off-days for her). She was a good cook and we had got bold enough to eat more Tamilian fare while she was around. An SOS has been sent to Kerala to locate a new maid.
Today V paid Ashwin's school fee and donation (a building fund of 15000 that gets us tax exemption, luckily).
Ash also joined the Sunday school at church yesterday after mass though they take only kids who are 4+ . So he attends only the general session before individual classes start.
V fiercely says that he doesnt want his kids to be grow up without piety like me. Me and Robs never attended Sunday School since mom didnt really want us hobnobbing with the local kids. So we grew up a bit different - less of the traditional faith and more of dad's semi-radical thoughts on God and the shepherds of the church.


Wow, you have been through a number of maids/nannies haven't you I am sorry it is so rough.
You must have a very understanding boss and are so very valued at what you do.
Amos said…
All the very best Rosh. Take care..AM
Anonymous said…
Thank you.
Yes, I have a kind boss but I have been feeling too embarrassed about all my latecomings and leavetakings.
Romila said…
Coming here after some time. Your maid crisis has deepened. Hope you get a new good maid this time who'll stay longer.

BTW, you've been tagged. Hope you'll enjoy doing it. Do go to my new post and pick it up. See ya.

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