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Our Gods, your gods

Growing up in the commie land of Kerala in the 70s, we were less aware of caste or religious tensions that characterised much of North India. Such divisions may have been evident at homes in people's minds, in the attitudes and perspectives they carried about other communities but it generally did not leave their verandahs or mouths. People were courteous at the very least.
One incident from my primary school days however was an instance of the  prejudices and intolerance latent in people's minds even then and which the little ones in each family imbibed. I was the oldest and seniormost, say class 3 or 4, among a handful of kids who took the same bus home. We were all students of a one-of-its-kind primary school on the way to Konni and Pathanamthitta. We had Anglo-Indian teachers from Quilon who made us stand in the morning sun everyday and recite English nursery rhymes and the India pledge and national anthem. What I'm coming to say is that there was no tinge of religious…

Mother Earth

While decluttering Mira's shelves during one of my infrequent bouts of cleaning, I came across a small essay/speech I had written for her last year. Did I actually write it, is my usual thought when I glance through such notes. Because once something flows out of your pen, it  is no longer yours and has a life of its own. I'm just reproducing it to remind myself of my occasional flashes of imagination.
Topic: The earth laughs in flowers.
Our earth, I would say, is the most beautiful planet in the universe. Looking at it from space it looks blue and green _ blue is the oceans and green is the land. And this land is full of trees and plants that bear flowers and fruits.
Flowers make our Earth look so beautiful. I just feel it makes Mother Earth very happy to watch birds and butterflies everyday drinking nectar from flowers and taking a little pollen with them. That helps in pollination and new life, you know.
From small pansies two big roses and shoe flowers, from flowers in a g…