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Schools vis a vis adolescent students

Three incidents hogging the headlines in recent times have affected me deeply. The killing of KG student by a Class 11 by in Ryan International Delhi; the killing of a mother and sister by a 16 year old over smartphone use; and the suspension of two teenagers in Class 11 and 12 of a Trivandrum school for hugging each other after a competition in school.In all cases the future of these kids have been ruined - though I do not know any of them personally, just reading the news has agitated me. Maybe because I have two children on the threshold of adolescence myself. While I was shocked about the first case, the cold-blooded murder conducted to engineer an exam postponement, the second had me in tears - here I was crying for a boy who ruined his future over a momentary anger towards his mother. I scold my son always about his addiction to video games on the phone. No, I didnt cry out of fear for my future but the image of that boy crying after being nabbed, feeling lost and afraid, rattle…