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Summer camps

Summer vacation began in the Eid weekend and will go on till the Bakrid weekend - that is well over two months. For some of us families who stay put in the desert kingdom in peak summer time (while the majority fly to the subcontinent to enjoy the monsoonal rains), the summer camps have been come in as a boon. The camp runs through weekdays for three hours a day and an hour each of art & music classes.
We have experimented with a different school each year since the choices are plenty. The fee is reasonable at the schools run by Kerala managements - AED 500 or thereabouts plus a 100-200 for transport. Bargaining works especially after classes begin. The camps advertised in the newspapers are meant for high-end consumers like the locals and westerners.
The choice of classes include classical dance, cinematic dance, guitar, keyboard, violin and drawing & painting. While Ash takes guitar, Carnatic vocal and sketching, Mira goes for classical dance, music and painting. It keeps th…