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Hippos and Mira

Today was school open day. That's the day we meet the kids teachers and take a look at their mark sheets.
Going through Mira's English paper, I came across something that interested me. She had to do a diary entry about visiting a foreign land. She wrote about Kenya. It was nice, save for the grammar and tenses.
She wrote that at the resort in Masai Mara her uncle told her not to eat too much at dinner time as he wouldn't be able to take her to hospital if she developed a stomach ache because grazing hungry hippos would be outside the door of their hut.😀😀 She signed off with 'what'll tomorrow's breakfast be?'
The teacher said she laughed so much reading it. She's a Kenyan from Mombasa. She has invited Mira to Kenya now.
Apparently she had quoted Mira's eyes while explaining something in class sometime back, "Miriam has the most beautiful​ eyes in this class". And that she often keeps looking at her face in class.