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Complan girl

School reopened on April 3 but my kids joined a week late, after a short trip to India. Mira came home looking glum after her first day in school. She went off to the bedroom though I didnt notice anything amiss then. I just assumed she had gone in to preen at herself in the mirror, of course these days preening involves taking selfies on mom's phone, or videos/audio clips before the mirror.
After what seemed a long time, she came to the kitchen and sat down. "Will you give me a glass of milk from today?"
Oh ok, why? I asked. V is against giving the milk available here to children. He thinks it contains additives and antibiotics.
" I want to become tall." She began crying..
Ashwin who was merrily playing ball peeped in. It embarrasses  him to see her cry even though they dont see eye to eye most times
I told her she will grow taller. As tall as me at least.
"Look at Ashwin, he's so cheerful despite being short. Be optimistic. You both will become tall.…