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Hurricane hari

After a fortnight of not making eye contact, the ladies at the gym are warming up to each other. I have managed to get into hi -bye terms with an Egyptian lady who doesn't know much English, a Sri Lankan lady who has been coming to the gym for a year and is very serious about it and a malloo lady who is very friendly and was my first acquaintance here.
So after a couple of chats I invited my compatriot to my apartment after the work out. She told me she'll come another day. Yesterday she told me she'll come in the evening with her son. So I spruced up the house, got the kids to bathe early after school and not disturb the cleaned and orderly status of things.
They rang the bell a little after 5 pm. The little boy, around 5 years, looked unusually shy. He hid his face in his mother's belly and refused to show his face for a full 5 minutes despite entreaties from all of us. I found it a bit strange though the mother said he can be very active in the homes of her friends…


The other day after our shopping and kids gaming spree, we went to the mall food court hoping to grab some dinner. While v and the kids went to order, I went and sat near a young African girl sitting with a small baby. I asked her if they had finished eating to check if the table was available. She said ."No finished" which I assumed meant they had finished.  So I sat there not much paying attention to the girl sitting with her head bent. A while later a lady, obviously her mistress, came with another kid in tow and began reprimanding her. She replied something and cowered again. The lady scowled at me and sat down. It suddenly dawned on me that she had probably scolded her for letting me sit there. I sat there until v came with the food ordered and asked if I could'nt find any other seat. I asked the lady if they had finished their meal and she vehemently said that they had not and were waiting. We found another table.
Soon the master came with McDonald's fare and …

New life

May 18 : Exactly a month back, we landed in Dubai bag, baggage and all. I quit my job of 18 years, sorted the stuff I had accumulated in my own apartment of 10 years - gave away many, threw away some and packed some - and rented it out furnished to a newly married couple. A tribute to the days we started out as a newly married couple with only our suitcase of clothes. Populating our house with essentials had taken over a year. Furnished houses on rent were few and far between then and the  one that came my way slipped away as I dilly dallied. Kids started school on the Sunday after we landed. That the week begins on a Sunday is something I have to get used to. In the process I tend to skip Tuesdays as I eagerly await Thursdays.Every week is an eager wait for Friday when we can sleep late into the day, have brunch and go for an outing.
However, my kids are getting disenchanted with Dubai which they had much bragged about for a year in Chennai. For one, they find the shift from Tamil N…