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Life in the absence of a maid

A couple of stressful months have passed since the departure of the live-in maid. My hopes of getting my favourite help L from Kerala immediately were dashed when she kept postponing her trip to Madras. I guess she needs to finish some chores back home but now she has promised to come in November. I wait like a "vezhaambal (hornbill) for rain". This note finds me terribly exhausted trying to be the superwoman - cooking, washing, mopping, and the numerous unlisted chores that are needed to make a home presentable while keeping a job with unpredictable work hours and the equally unpredictable commute. The kids, after the initial enthusiasm to help, groan at the mention of mundane chores. Mira would rather cook than do things she can actually do. Right now, I have a temporary cook to do dinner so that the kids dont have to remain hungry till I return. Meanwhile, we enjoy life as a family more without a stranger eavesdropping into every conversation or watching every action of o…