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Young tourists

A four-day vacation when we saw a part of Tamil Nadu - Pondicherry, the predictable weekend hangout for Chennaites; Kumbakonam, the land of the innumerable temples where we made the faux pas of asking where the temple is; Thanjavur, the land of the Brihadeeswara temple and paddy fields; Velankanni, a Malloo Christian's favourite pilgrim centre; Chidamabaram, the temple town; and Pichavaram for a boating in the mangrove forest. The 800 km my husband drove those four days wasnt tiring - we stopped at a hotel each night.
The first day it was Sunway GRT Grand. The hospitality was awesome, the room was comfortable and pool just enough to keep the kids happy. The complimentary breakfast was fantastic. The kids made friends with a front office executive, Sonal, and also the swimming instructor, and were most reluctant to leave.
The second day, we stopped at Hotel Gnaanam as recommended by a reporter colleague of mine. But being Diwali eve we had a tough time reaching the hotel. All the …

Fancy dress

Finding a suitable subject for the annual fancy dress competition is often a headache for parents. This year I had two ideas in mind - Peter Pan and boxing champion Mary Kom - for Mira but in the end we had very little time to prepare.
Though it is generally held on Children's Day, Nov. 14, the announcement came a week earlier and I had not found the material for either of my subjects.It had to be done in a hurry since we had already planned an extended weekend vacation in the days preceding the competition. In the end, it was a hotch-potch effort after arriving from our holiday destination.
Mira's class teacher advised her to go for the Peter Pan costume. I found the costumes for the boxer (we already had the boxing gear) as well as Pan. V hunted for a beret to go as PP's cap. Unlike in the West where readymade costumes are available, here Peter Pan is one of the less popular children's heroes. I didnt find the pixie shoes, so we made do with a pair of Bata shoes (an…

Rain fury

It is the calm after the storm. The kids are at home enjoying their rain vacation and little adult games, pretending to be parents and picking and dropping their kids (dolls) from school. As always, Mira is the director of these plays while Ash understands and follows the rules of the game implicitly. Some day, they might become good actors :) And Mira is already beginning to imitate us adults in the house, especially the maid. Which means the maid has realised that she has to be careful around them.
Mira thinks that me and V are a brother-sister pair. We are trying to make her understand we both came from two different houses, and were unknown and unrelated till we got married. So she tells Ash now that they both will get a brother-sister pair from another house to marry.
A trip to a painting exhibition cum sale last week has given Ash ideas. Today he was seen drawing a picture for which he quoted a price of Rs. 15 lakh. When I told him I didnt want anything so expensive, he promptly…