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The obituary, scenes at home and at church.

Death, be not proud...

From Christmas vacation 08
My uncle, beloved to Ash and Mira and who had provided exciting paternal company for them during their last summer vacation died a tragic death day before after 10 days on the ventilator. He was 49. A cardiac arrest combined with a seizure had severely damaged his brain and he did not come out of his deep sleep despite our fervent prayers.
While Ash wondered why he hadnt carried a torch when he went out in the evening and badly hurt his jaw (and subsequent hospitalisation), Mira carried a pair of slippers home so that she could go out for a walk with Donypappa. In the end they witnessed for the first time a Syrian Christian funeral. The questions have been pouring too - why his body is so cold, why his face looks different, will maggots eat his body and how they can when it is sealed in a coffin etc etc.
They were most reluctant to leave Chandanapally this time though we promised them they will be back in two weeks time. What they dont know is that this summ…


It is interesting to watch Ash and Mira play their little adult games. Today they were pretending to be at the beach (venue: the kids' bedroom) letting the waves wash their feet. Mira is of course in charge, and tells Ash not to go too near the waters. Then they pretend to be hungry and wanting to snack. It is amazing how much they imitate us.
Much of last week, they were playing playschool/day care since Mira has been spending half a day at the day-care centre nearby while Ash is away at school. So all the soft toys in the cupboard - an elephant, a teddy, 2-3 dogs of different breeds, dolls, a monkey etc - were out and sitting happily on the sofa while their so-called parents and child minders (the roles keep interchanging) dropped them at the creche, fed them, took them to the loo and fetched them back home.
At other times, they are busy singing and dancing in front of the mirror, inspired by Idea Starsinger on Asianet. Mira of course tries some costume enhancements too, with m…


Last week, V and Ash took the the train to our hometown in Kerala to meet the homeo doctor. In the morning , an idli-vada seller came into their train coach, and Ash insisted that he wanted a plate of it as he was hungry. Since it is an overnight journey - 8pm to 8 am - the more stoical of us especially adults wait till we reach home to eat something - the first taste of Kerala has to be from one's own mom's kitchen.
V tried telling Ash that his Ammachi (granny) had prepared idli and chutney for him but he would have none of it. He was hungry and he had to eat. And as Ash relished the not-so-fluffy idlis, V tried to taste a little of the idli.
"No, dont eat mine. You can go home and eat what Ammachi has made," Ash told him.
Though he missed one mid-term exam paper because of the Kerala trip, he has done extremely well in the other papers. Considering his health, attendance in school and performance until now, it is an achievement. I owe my thanks to his tutor Hak…