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Growing worry

Ash had an appointment with the paediatric endocrinologist at CMC yesterday. After looking at his reports, she said she couldnt figure out why he wasnt tall for his age, and said she will study the case and let us know in a week's time.
We were too late to meet the dermatologist after this, so it was just half a job done. We had reached a bit late since V had to finish some work at his office. After running up and down the different departments, we settled to a lovely tea of masala dosas, vadas and egg dosas at the A block canteen. The ride up and down was enjoyable too.Gearing up for the long drive on Friday to Kerala - a week to celebrate Christmas. Since we are going by car, I had to change my vacation plans to suit V's convenience at work.The kids have vacation from the 19th to the 5th of Jan, so it will be tough managing the kids for a week in Chennai once we get back :)


Ashwin went to school in his new pair of spectacles - a pink frame of his choice. I hope it lasts a few months, considering that children are notorious for breaking them. He has another pair to use at home, mainly while watching TV. He has been diagnosed with astigmatism, and glasses are expected to correct the shape of his eyeball. Since this happens only till a child is 8, according to the ophthalmologist at the CMC Schell hospital, Ash has only 2 years to achieve that. He needs to wear specs till he is 10, and maybe not later, she said.
The eye examination had taken almost one whole day of our stay at CMC, and drove us both mad by the end of it. Must say that the doctor and the optometrist were very sweet to Ash. By the time, we were through with the tests, dilations and meagre lunch at the canteen (they had run out of food Ash could consume), Ash was asleep. A lady from MP who had come down to CMC with her husband for a master check-up spent some time with me trying to understand A…