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Yesterday after church, we went and checked out fridge models. Zeroed in on a Samsung 280 litre frostfree model. It came at 7 pm after V completed the hire-purchase formalities.
Gave my old Whirlpool fridge to my Tamilian maid (on right, Mira looks frail after the illness) especially as she stood me in good stead these past 2 weeks when I was maidless.
A food festival at church meant that we didnt have to cook lunch. Bought kappa-fish curry, biriyani, neyyappam and vattayappam, which saw us through at breakfast and lunch. Went out after 10 pm to have Juice at a malloo chai shop.
Today the new local maid joined duty. But she is v. slow. In spite of mom and me helping out, it took her ever so long to finish cooking. I just hope she will be more efficient once she gets the hang of the place. Comes around 9 and will stay till I reach home. Which might turn out to be difficult , since we will have to battle kids on our own after a tiring day at work. Let me see how long I can endure this.
I a…

A rainbow

The first thing I do when I come into work is check my mail. It gives u a good feeling when u open ur mail to get the message : New mail has arrived, would u like to read it now? But junk mail puts me off.
I think I am getting a new maid. Yesterday an uncle we know in our neighbourhood helped us find a person. V had approached him in the morning and evening he lands with a Nair lady. Seems pleasant and sincere. Told her I need her to cook and look after the kids. The other maid will do the sweeping and laundry.
This one can come in only by 9 but stay on till 7 or later till I reach. So I have to get the bf ready I guess. Also we will have to take both kids wherever we go – earlier we used to take one kid alone to church on a rotational basis. One way it is good – we don’t have the hassle of taking a keralite live-in maid to kerala and back, not to mention the tension each trip gives us when they take their own sweet time to return. Plus taking care of all their expenses and having to s…

Dog days

I like this picture, partly because a dog is involved - a friend forwarded it today.
Reminds me of my labrador Bruno I gifted my dad some 7 years ago. Bruno just completed his 7th bday on July 9. I had bought him from a family in Washermanpet and took him home by train - that was one hell of a journey! but both of us survived the ordeal.
Bruno still has a special bond with me though I keep him at arm's length after the kids were born. My room is a strict no-no for him, so he just peeps from the door. But Ash has developed a rapport with Bruno and plays with his tail even, without angering him the least bit. Calls him Eno.
Exhausted from head to toe otherwise! Things have been crazy at home in the absence of a maid and 2 babies to manage - the early morning rush is the most maddening part.
Worse than being tired, I am just not finding time for anything - read even newspaper headlines or finish pending chores or file stuff.
WE both keep telling each other we have to change things but I …

Why God created Children

One of those spam mail... but definitely worth laughing.
1. You spend the first two years of their life teaching them to walk
and talk. Then you spend the next sixteen telling them to sit down
and shut up.
2. Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your own children.!
3. Mothers of teens now know why some animals eat their young.
4. Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word
for word what you shouldn't have said.
5. The main purpose of holding children's parties s to remind
yourself that there are children more awful than your own.
6. We childproofed our homes, but they are still getting in.
Be nice to your kids.They will choose your nursing home one day.

Weekend madness

Another Sunday whirred past, I wish weekends were a bit longer...
V alone went to church as getting both kids ready early in the moring after all the ablutions and feeding is not easy, if one has to reach before the mass is over. As it is we go half way through the service and join the backbenchers or floorsitters.
Anyway I had to get a decent breakfast on the table as we were expecting 2 guests - one a half-starved hosteler and another a family man whose wife is away at her parents' place for pre-natal care. (We in India, atleast the non-working women, rush to our parents for the first delivery even as early as the 2nd month when the morning sickness start - I did not have that privilege, and had my mom joining me only a week before each delivery. Of course my two post-natal sessions during my maternity leave were in Kerala, when I had to endure boiling water baths, oil massage, fattening Ayurvedic medicines and a few strange rituals that went with it. One of them, for your informa…


I am becoming a blog addict too. Is that a good thing? As long as it doesnt affect my work, I shouldnt worry.

My one big development as a blogger is that while earlier I was copying mail to friends and pasting on my blog as posts, nowadays I am forwarding blog posts as emails to friends!
Usha tells me she is replanting tomatoes. I now have a pot of papaya saplings, which I must ask our watchman to plant in the little space available downstairs. I also have a curry leaf sapling and a common flowering plant, which I keep in the kitchen work area away from Ash's eyes.

Never been an avid gardener though I was made to water plants at home in the evenings during my school days. Had to carry pails of water as there was no water hose. My mom keeps a garden though it is not v. orderly. My inlaws have a small but beautiful garden. (That is their garden, complete with figurines of girls with watering pots!)

My Pentecost aunt who is now in Houston Texas, called early in the morning. It was probab…


Bimal's Random Thoughts
A Google search has helped me track an ex-colleague's blog. He had started blogging when it was just about catching up here in India - at that time I had thought it strange that some one would want to publish thoughts for the whole world to see.
But Bhim, as we used to call him, doesnt seem to be a blog regular these days. Busy man.

Mira completes 10 months today. Her weight has come down to 7.11 kg after the viral fever. As it is, she was keeping minimum wt for her age of late. She seems to have lost appetite for food - milk is the only things she takes without fuss now. And I have no patience when it comes to feeding kids.


Am I a pessimist? Most probably, yes. My past few titles for my blogposts have been a lil negative - blues, woes, dilemmas, sick and so on. I must try to come up with more positive headings.
Took it easy past 2 days since it was a lean period at work. So mom and me shared the babysitting at home. Tried to do a bit of cleaning while at home - the refridgerator for one - but tidying up doesnt serve much purpose with a toddler at home. Hurricane Ash cannot stand anything in its place and has to litter them across the house, if he cannot manage to destroy them.
Did a bit of shopping in the evenings and ate out. Visited my previous landlady yesterday evening and got caught in a drizzle on our way back.Miriam slept oblivious of the shower.
Mom has realised that she cannot take Ash with her and bring him up there. He is just too attached to V.

Monday blues

Back to work again. Sundays are just too short to get any meaningful chores done or even to rest. Went out in the evening to a relatively new shopping mall called Citicentre (we were generally window shopping, like many others there)and ate out at a Rajasthani dhhaba - excellent, unlimited thali meals they have.
The Pentecost maid is joining us only by Tuesday next, not tomorrow. She has to attend a special service/communion on Sunday before she can board the train to 'Madras (now Chennai)' - as we say in our edited articles!
This site forwarded by a friend of mine is cool. Gives a refreshing change from work. Type anything in Tom Riddle's Diary and it will reply.
Note: Type on the right side, where you see the cursor. When you stop typing, your question will be answered by the computer.
Tip: Make sure you type the correct words and do not make any spelling mistakes.

Maid dilemmas

End of another production week at work. yipee! Had been feeling a bit dazed with little sleep and the stress at home and the work overload at office. Will skip church tomorrow, V and God willing.
Mil called to keep me abreast of the maid hunt back in Kerala. The shortlisted candidate seems to be a Dalit Pentecost lady who is now looking after an old couple right now. Will be a jolt for her shifting from the caretaking of those in second chilhood to those in first childhood. Mom worries that pentecosts are gluttonous and might eat up all the babyfood and things meant for ash and mir!
I am a lil wary of Pentecosts myself. I hope she doesnt try to convert me to her zealous brand of xianity. I am happy being on the periphery of faith. Will she want to join a prayer group while here? Will her fellow devotees want to reform us? These are my worries right now.
My personal experiences with Pentecosts have not been v. pleasant. 15 years ago, a Pentecost family I had for company in the train com…

Sick all!

Feeling sleepy. Hadnt slept well at night as Mira was sick. Had to take her to the emergency of the children's hospital just after I got back from work. Ash piled along, which was a good thing - the dr. was asking about him and found his cough was bad enuf to warrant a nebulisation. Mira's was a case of viral bronchitis and might require hospitalisation if it got severe, he said. She cried sore when they put her on the nebuliser but slept for the last 2 sessions. Ash enjoyed the oxygen mask on his face, so we didnt have any trouble with him.
Came home after 11 and had dinner around 12, slept at 1.15 am. Having got to get up early these days to enter the kitchen I have not been getting enuf sleep. Plus Miriam's night feedings. Cant keep myself steady or look at the monitor straight in the eye!
V and mom took Mira again to the dr. again today as she seemed v. uncomfortable and cranky. Poor thing. I guess the Ash contracted the virus from his playschool; he has been bunking sch…

Babysitting woes

Mom arrived today morning from Kerala. She is supervising the baby sitting while my part-time maid acts as her assistant. Mira cries when mom picks her up but Ash is getting along fine.
(That's mom holding Mira. V likes to make her cry, as he says she looks pretty when she cries! She cries the moment he raises his voice but with me she rarely does that.)
But managing Ash is tougher - he sits still only when he is upto something. For instance today he stuck my sticker bindis all around his face and later dabbed my nasal drops all over his leg.
Every night before going to bed, I have to gather the stuff he has strewn around the drawing room, mostly kitchen utensils and cutlery. I guess little boys have a fascination for the kitchen, which they outgrow as they get older. Thereafter the kitchen is a no-no except when it comes to invading the ladder ( to be precise, the fridge).

Viva Italia

The last 2 world cups I had been fervently hoping that Italy would win being an admirer of ROberto Baggio and Schillaci. SO this time I had dared not hope and hence rested my hopes on Argentina. (I prefer teams in blue jerseys - a strange reason to support a team?) I did feel a bit sorry for France after the Zidane incident.
Three cheers to Team Italy!
And if you are wondering I was lying low the past few days, it is because I was on leave. The weekend madness was at its fullest with the maid away and the kids falling sick. While Miriam had a cold, Ash's viral fever was accompanied by vomiting and diarrohea. In fact it could have been a case of food poisoning. Twice Vinod took him to the Children's hospital and they advised him to admit Ash. With no else at home to look after Mira, it seemed a difficult prospect and V wriggled out of it. By Sunday night Ash seemed to improve. Making him take fluids and medications seemed a daunting task. Making a 2-year-old understand that the m…

Home alone

My maid of 6 months ( that's her on the left) is making another trip to her hometown, reportedly for a wedding. Which means I have to battle the kids on my own the next 2 days. Being a weekend, I am hoping that V will also stay at home and help me with them. I just hope I remain sane.
Boss has granted leave of absence for tomorrow.

Name trouble

My penpal (now more an e-pal or keyboard-pal) from Perth has written to ask:
"Hi Roshan
Do you ever get people writing to you who despite your 'signature' at the end of every email you send them detailing your name etc, insist on misspelling your name? I always get LaWrence, LaurAnce."

i hate people calling me anything other than Rosh or Roshin. Many people, especially in Kerala, call me Roshan or ROshen - both gives me the creeps as they sound masculine. Anyway I have stopped hating my name as i did during childhood. It was an unusual name for one to have in a rural place and i had boys calling me 'Ration' and wanting to know the price of ration rice etc. Secondly, even those who seemed to have heard of such a name opined that it was a boy's name and why I went around with a name like that. Hence I conveniently changed one vowel (e to i) when I reached Class 10 and had to fill in my name and other details for the School Leaving certificate.
My mother tells m…

A day off

So Germany is out too. Most probably France will get the Cup but I still hope Italy wont disappoint me.
Took yesterday off and lazed at home. Mira was happy to have me around. Nowadays she refuses to go to anyone once she sees me. Jumps into my arms. It is a joy to have at least one kid atttached to me (V says it will stop once i wean her!). Ash is papa's boy and takes my services for granted. He is becoming increasingly difficult to handle. Have to brush/bathe/dress him between kicks and headers and shrieks and so on.
Bought 2 pairs of sandals from Kobler, one pair should serve me well in my daily treks to the bus stop. Need to walk more if I am to cut that extra flab gained post-delivery.

Soccer and zoo

Brazil is out! So is Argentina and England. Argentina was my favorite while everyone around had been betting on Brazil to win the Cup. I am pinning my hopes on Italy now. Vin wants Germany to win since they are hosting it. Though Madras is under CAS and cant view paychannels unless u have a set-top box, the public pressure in the wake of the world cup made SCV air it for free to all its viewers. I hadn’t been following the matches closely until the quarterfinals. Saturday night watched the Brazil-France match. I had reached home only at 12.30 am after office, Mira who was sleeping in maid’s room woke up around the same time and "watched" the match along with us. Didn’t go to church on Sunday as we went to sleep only at 3 am after the match was over and the kids were made to sleep.
Went to Vandalur zoo in the evening, leaving maid and Mira behind at home. Didn’t see much – only deers, peacocks, monkeys, cockatoos and some australian flightless birds, a tiger, a bison and an ot…